• Unicorn zipper bag set

    In the busy office and study life, a practical and creative storage product can undoubtedly bring us great convenience. Today, I want to introduce you to the perfect match of unicorn zipper bag and unicorn three-hole bag, which not only make the space more tidy, but also a good helper for office ...
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  • Multifunctional notebook: The perfect fusion of business and art

    In the busy business life, a notebook that is both practical and beautiful is indispensable. Today, I want to introduce you is such a multi-functional notebook.   This A5 size notebook, with its exquisite craftsmanship and excellent texture has won the love of countless users. The high quali...
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  • Carrot Pen Bag

    In the corner of a sunny room, two lovely turnip pen bags stand quietly, like a pair of lively carrot twins. The design of these two pen bags is unique, showing the shape of a carrot, green leaves decorated on the top, vivid and realistic. The orange pen case is bright, and the red pen case is ho...
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  • The fusion of practicality and beauty – my black and white geometric pencil case

    In the world of stationery, my black and white geometric pencil case is undoubtedly a highlight. With its simple yet stylish design, this pencil case skillfully blends practicality with beauty. On the black body, interspersed with white geometric figures, both modern fashion sense, but also low-k...
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  • Unicorn three-hole bag: Magic storage space for stationery

    In the busy study life, a practical stationery bag is essential for every student. Today, let’s explore this unique unicorn three-hole bag. This stationery bag is colorful, from left to right, red, blue, green and purple, each color symbolizing a different personality and vitality. The bag ...
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  • Cylindrical Pen Bag

    In the pursuit of practical road, we can often find the footprints of beauty. Like this brown cylindrical pen bag, it not only reflects the practicality of life, but also reveals a unique beauty in the details. This pen case is made of high-quality leather, and the fine texture on the surface sho...
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  • PVC Cylinder Pen Bag

    PVC cylinder pen bag is one of the favorite stationery for students and professionals today. This pen bag has won the favor of the majority of users with its unique transparent design and diverse color choices. Today, we saw a PVC cylinder pencil case on display, which is composed of bright yello...
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  • Zipper notebook: The perfect blend of business and fashion

    In the modern office environment, a practical and stylish notebook is an indispensable companion for every professional. Today, I would like to introduce you to a zip-up notebook from GAMEI STATIONERY LTD, which has become a popular choice in the market due to its unique design and excellent qual...
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  • Binder Pouch – a small master of storage for primary school students

    In the busy study life, pupils always have many small items to carry around, such as stationery, small toys, snacks and so on. How to organize and store these small items in an orderly manner is a problem that every primary school student needs to face. At this time, a binder pouch with a three-h...
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  • Organ Handbag

    This portable organ bag, with its unique design and practical functions, has undoubtedly become a helpful document organizer for modern professionals.   First of all, the design of the organ bag makes it easy to sort and store files. There are 13 separate pockets inside the organ bag that ca...
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  • Doodle style pencil pouch

    In today’s STATIONERY market, the graffiti style pencil case of CAMEI STATIONERY CO., LTD has been loved by the majority of students and literary youth with its unique design and practical functions. This pencil case is mainly blue in color, using graffiti style design, the box face of the ...
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  • Leather makeup bag: The perfect combination of elegance and practicality

    In the fast-paced modern life, a makeup bag that is both elegant and practical is a must have for every woman. Today, I want to introduce to you is a leather makeup bag from CAMEI STATIONERY CO. Ltd, it is not only beautiful appearance design, but more importantly, excellent performance in storag...
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