• From CAMEI China – Invitation for 133rd Canton Fair (Booth 13.2C23-24 and 11.1 C16)

    Hi Dear Valued Customers,   Good day. Hope everything is fine.   We will be exhibited at the 133rd Canton Fair Phase 3, our booth at Stationery is NO 13.2C23-24 and 11.1 C16.   Meanwhile, our boss Anthony will also be there to discuss with you for the cooperation this year.   It will be appreciat...
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  • Know how prospects make buying decisions and how to minimize rejection

    Before you have the opportunity to meet with prospects, you want to understand their decision-making process. Researchers found that they go through four distinct phases, and if you can stay on that track with them, you’ll more likely turn prospects into customers. They recognize needs. If pros...
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  • Recognize and overcome prospecting reluctance

    Prospecting can be the toughest part of the sales process for many sales professionals. The biggest reason: Nearly everyone has a natural disdain for rejection, and prospecting is full of that. “But the enduring mantra of the fanatical prospector is ‘One more call.” To become closer to being a f...
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  • The Keys to Warm and Cold Calls

    The more you know and understand about prospects’ businesses and headaches, the more credible you become during warm and cold calls of all types – whether your approach is at an industry event, on the phone, via email or social media. So, do your research and follow these keys to making effectiv...
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  • Start a relationship by asking power questions

    When you’re with prospects, you want to get them to talk and become emotionally involved. Ask the right questions for the situation, and you can make a successful prospecting call. Questions that identify pain. The avoidance of a pain point often motivates people to buy more than the pursuit of ...
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  • Make an action plan your priority

    Most sales professionals are pumped to start the day when they have a deal to close. The idea of spending the day prospecting isn’t as exciting. That’s why prospecting often gets put off until a later day … when everything else has dried up. However, if it’s a priority all the time, the pipeline...
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  • The right attitude sets the prospecting course

    Sale professionals can follow every prospecting protocol and come up empty-handed if they approach this critical aspect of selling with the wrong attitude. Prospecting, like anything else, can be viewed positively or negatively. “How we feel when we start to prospect is going to impact our succ...
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  • Top competitive advantage: Your customer experience

      Anything you do to improve the customer experience could be the most profitable step you take in the coming year, according to recent research.  More than 80% of companies say they will compete mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience within two years. Why? Nearly half of ...
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  • Best ways to keep your customers loyal

    Customers will dump you for a better deal – but only if you aren’t making an effort to keep them loyal.  If you provide a consistently great customer experience and proactively do what’s best for customers, they’ll be far less likely to even consider your competitors. “Often, businesses focus on...
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  • 4 ways to build rapport with new customers

    Anyone who touches the customer experience can drive loyalty with one powerful skill: rapport-building.  When you can build and maintain rapport with customers, you ensure they’ll come back, buy more and possibly send other customers to you because of basic human behavior. Customers: want to ta...
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  • How to read customers accurately: Best practices

    “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Why salespeople don’t listen Here are the major reasons why salespeople don’t listen: The prefer speaking to listening. They’re too anxious to rebut the prospect’s argument or objection. They allow ...
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  • Pick your customer service style: There are 9 to choose from

    Nearly every company wants to provide the best service. But many miss the mark because they skip an important step in the experience: defining their service style and committing to being the best at it. Here are nine service styles that who does them well and how you can master them for your cu...
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